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I won't waste your time here with stories of what I have heard about so and so's blades.  These are the blades I have actually flown and can give a first hand report about.  Keep in mind this will grow slowly as I have an opportunity to try other blades.

30 Size Blades-
NHP 550 (non razr's, but with tracking tips)
        Very light and crisp blades.  If all you want to do is thrash the heli around, these would be my choice.  Excellent roll rate, efficient, don't bog the head much during aerobatics.  Balance excellent right out of the package.  Hovering autos are lousy, not much hang time.  I have not attempted a full auto with these and I don't intend to.  Somewhat expensive at about $75.  Score on 1 to 10 with 10 being best:  6

SAB 550 Carbons (115g)
         Very stiff blade that flies well.  Has unusual airfoil in that it has a negative taper just before the trailing edge.  ie: trailing edge is thin for a bit then tapers to blade's regular thickness.  Rolls are crisp, but load the head a bit more than the NHP's.  Finish is nice although my set was out of balance by a substantial amount (unusual for SAB).  Autorotations are excellent, plenty of hang time at the bottom.  This makes these an excellent all around blade for general flying.  Combining light KSJ paddles with these somewhat heavy blades gives me a quite aerobatic ship that still autos great.  Score on 1 to 10 with 10 being best: 8

Stock TT woodies
         Not very efficient, takes about 5% more throttle to spin these at same RPM as a carbon set.  Rolls are okay, flight okay, just not as crisp as carbon.  Autos are pretty good with these.  Good choice for learning aerobatics and autos.  Once you are comfortable then you can move to carbon. Score on 1 to 10 with 10 being best:  4

60 Size Blades-

SAB 680's (170g!)
        Traditional airfoil unlike the 550's  Finish is nice, my pair was exactly in balance at a super light 170g.  Very stiff, these blades fly great.  Rolls, autos, etc, I have no complaints.  I also don't have a whole lot to compare them to.  Very resonably priced at $90 from cyberheli and the UK.  Score on 1 to 10 with 10 being best:  9

V-Blades 680's (185g)
        Expensive ($125) and popular blades.  Finish, balance, and construction are first rate.  Vic does a nice job building these.  I bolted them on my Xcell after taking a flight with the SAB 680's and to tell you the truth I did not notice any difference.  No RPM change, rolles the same, did not risk any autos with them since they were a loaner set.  I would expect slightly better autos than my SABs because they are heavier.
Score on 1 to 10 with 10 being best:  8 (too expensive!)

TG 680's (185g)
          I have them in the box but havn't bolted them on yet...  no need to yet, maybe later.

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