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Engines and Exhaust-
         Major competitors on the market right now:
O.S. 32SXH (ABC piston and cylinder) This engine has been around for a long time.  It is consistent, reliable, and powerful.  Updated carb helps midrange problem but does not solve it.  This is the recommended engine for people getting into 30 class helis because it is one of the easiest to adjust and get flying pretty well.  I still feel that the midrange is too lean, but with the idle mixture set really rich it flies well and will idle acceptably.
Thunder Tiger Pro36H (ABC piston and cylinder) Came with the Raptor V1 ARF's.  Ace released 3 different low end needles for the first generation of carb and then a another whole carburetor altogether.  New carb has three lines on the front of it. None of them were very good.  If you have one and donít like it, buy an O.S. and save this engine.  When the O.S. dies put the carb on the TT engine.
Thunder Tiger Pro39H (Ringed piston) Comes with the newer Raptor V2 ARF's.  Initial reports are favorable.  Some bearing trouble already reported.
Webra 35 (Ringed) European engine, have yet to see one run well.  Local pilots owned some and most went back for problems.  Also likes low nitro fuel.  Seems to be a fussy engine. 
Enya 35 (Ringed) Older engine design, doesnít put out the power of todayís newer models.
SH32 (ABC) Supposedly made by the same people that make Megatech car engines.  Runs well but doesnít have the lifespan of better engines, probably due to low metal quality.
30 size exhaust pick Top pick:   Thunder Tiger Upgrade Muffler; well made, runs great, inexpensive!
O.S. 50SXH (Ringed) Much improved replacement for older 46fxh.  Uses carb off of 61lxh engine.  Great power, carb supposed to be good. Nice engine
Webra 50 green head (Ringed) Expensive, but one of their best engines.  This is a screamer, uses long tuned pipes as seen on Robbe Conquest 50 helis. 
Thunder Tiger Pro 50H (Ringed) Runs pretty well but doesn't seem to last as long as the O.S. 50.  One local pilot had a crank shear on one of his and the bearings go in another.  Worth a shot 
50 size exhaust picks Muscle Pipe 1 works well, or TT 50 upgrade muffler. 
O.S. 61SXH-WC (Ringed)  3 needle carb more options,  but can be a challenge to setup properly.  I don't know if mine was a fluke but it drove me crazy and I replaced it with a YS.  Good power, runs great once broken in and properly adjusted.  Also works with muscle pipe and tuned pipes if desired.  Will run on 15-30% nitro. Bearings don't seem to last as long as they should. 
O.S. 61LXH (Ringed) Inexpensive 61 engine with 2 needle carb.  Smooth runner is good for scale and sport flying.  Not as much power as the slightly more expensive 60's. 
O.S. 70SZ-H (Ringed) Fairly new but initial reports are very good.  Good replacement for 61WC fliers.
O.S. 91SXH (Ringed) Lots of vibration with this one.  Not recommended.
O.S. 91SXH C-Spec (Ringed) Saw one fly, very nice.  Don't know too much about this yet.  
Y.S. 61 ST2 (Ringed) Three needle carb, pressure fuel delivery system, smooth, powerful, superb engine.  Uses mufflers only.  Prefers 30% fuel but a few claim it runs ok on 15%.
Y.S. 80ST3 (Ringed) Bored out 61 runs great, but requires gearing change. 
Y.S. 91 ST4? (Ringed) New engine, should be typical YS quality and power.
Webra 61/75/91 (Ringed) Fussy European engines like low nitro and tuned pipes.  Much different carbs than other engines in this class.  Not popular in U.S. makes it difficult to get help with these.
60 exhaust picks Hatori mufflers run great, Muscle Pipe 2 also a good choice. 


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