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Raptor 30 Specifications
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Pilot Jason Fine 
Age 20
Location Lancaster Massachusetts
Current Status of Helicopter Sold
Date Purchased Jan. 2 2000
# of crashes One, engine quit while practicing backwards inverted, Aug 6 2002.
Approximate # of gallons of fuel burned lost track... but 3 gallons through the warranty-freshened O.S. 32sxh
Current Skill Level Working toward heli-god    <G>
Engine O.S. 32 SXH
Carb O.S. 20C      (carb ver. 2)
Glow Plug Enya #3
Exhaust Thunder Tiger upgrade muffler 
Kit ARF Pro 49BB
Fuel Red Max 20% nitro 19% synthetic
Main Blades SAB Carbon 550's @ 110 grams each
Paddles KSJ Yellow 30 paddles @ 17grams each (stock are 32g)
Tail Blades ModelSport 80mm Carbon Fiber
Boom Supports Mr. Carbon w/ gold ends
Pitch Curves -11 -6 0 6 12 degrees in Idle up 1+2
Transmitter Futaba 9CAP (throttle action smoothed)
Cyclic-> throttle mixing Aileron and elevator 25% mix
Reciever Futaba R127DF 7 channel FM
Antenna Revolution Whip
Battery 1400 Mah 4.8v
Collective Servo Futaba S9202 coreless
Cyclic Servos Futaba S9202 coreless
Throttle Servo Tower Hobbies TS-53 std. (AKA Futaba S3003)
Gyro Futaba GY-501
Tail Servo Futaba S9205 coreless high-speed
Header Tank QWW Gold bracket with Hayes 2oz tank