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Miniature Aircraft Xcell 60 Graphite

This page will give you an up close and personal look at what components make the xcell fly.

Yes the images will take a minute to load, but they are worth it.  Click any picture for a larger version
What an awesome helicopter this machine is.  Some people don't like the paint job, but considering how well it was done, I think I can stand it for a while. 
One look at this rotor head and you know it means business.  My xcell is equipped with the metal head block, which is both clamped and pinned to the mainshaft.  It is not quite an SE because the mixing arms and blade grips are still plastic.  However, there is virtually no slop anywhere, and the swashplate makes the raptor's look like childs play.
Here you can see one of the head modifications I made.  The flybar control arms are usually level, but if you angle them like in this pic you can get a bit more cyclic throw as seen in the next picture.
Yep! That should be plenty of throw to liven things up a bit....
These are the SAB 3D 680's.  This pair is one of the lightest 60 size blades on the market at 170grams each.  To keep the finish looking nice a little auto wax was applied before seeing any glow fuel.  You can also see the white plastic 3D paddles by Minair. 
I am using the stock wire antenna for now on my PCM receiver (mandatory with a metal and carbon heli).
   Rubber bands are still one of the best ways to secure electronics since they get a good grip on the tray. 
   Notice how well padded the rx and battery are. 
Another look at the fiberglass canopy.  The front intake Hatori muffler means no canopy trimming, and a KSJ muffler clamp keeps everything secure. 
The plastic radio tray houses the collective and aileron servos.  Both the push-pull collective and aileron arm are worthwhile upgrades.  Since the rudder servo is mounted out back, the gv1 amp can be mounted in its place.
Look closely and see the CNC bearing equipped aileron rocker.  This is one of the best upgrades to get since the stock plastic arms bend out and risk popping out in flight.  Also see how the gv-1 is mounted on 2 layers of double stick tape to reduce vibration.
The drivetrain is well laid out, and uses the new style clutch bearing block.  You can also see the slipper clutch and CNC elevator swingarm.  That is a 6mm hex adapter on the start shaft so the same wand can be used on both the raptor and the xcell. 

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