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Miniature Aircraft Xcell 60 Graphite 

This page will give you an up close and personal look at what components make the xcell fly. 

Click any picture for a larger version

Power is provided by a OS 61SX-WC.  At first I was using a header tank but I believe the long fuel lines were causing problems so I took it off.  The piece of heat shrink on the fuel line protects it from the edge of the fiberglass canopy.  The GV-1 sensor is also visible, it is reinforced with heat shrink to protect it from vibration.  Note how wires are not dangling everywhere, the spiral wrap is from Home Depot.
The rear facing engine makes glow plug access a snap.  A rear gyro tray holds the GY-501 sensor.  I was warned that this location would result in the gyro sensor covered with exhaust residue, but so far it has stayed quite clean. 
To keep tabs on the battery I mounted a GEM 2000 remote led in a custom bracket just above the tailboom.  It looks really cool in this location and shouldn't be too distracting in flight.
Another look at the custom bracket that holds the GEM chrome bezel.  The bracket is actually made from a broken receiver case I had on hand. 
Although I don't have the SE Pro Tail control arm, the stock setup works well.  I just updated the pitch slider to Minair's new reinforced version. 
This side shows the push-pull elevator control arm and CNC elevator swingarm.  Notice the gold alignment guide for the tail drive shaft, it should be parallel to the maingear. 
One last look at the radio tray.  The big bundle of wires is a Y-harness since I ran out of slots on my 8-channel receiver.