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Last Updated: January 16, 2004 (new pics and movies)
 From left to right, the brand new paint job on the SE99, inverted in VA, yours truly, the SE w/ old canopy, and my old raptor inverted in MA.
Current Helicopters:
 Past Helicopters:
Current Airplanes:
Past Airplanes:
Xcell SE 99
Xcell 60 Graphite (sold)
CGM Extra 300
CGM Ultimate 10-300
Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 (sold)
  60 size Pattern Plane, Tower Uproar .40, Lanier Shrike .20, Kaos .20, Combat Gremlin #1 (midair), Tower Trainer .40

Helicopter Setup Articles, Product Comments

My thoughts  Disclaimer:  The following are MY thoughts and suggestions.  Whether you decide to use them or not is your business and your responsibility.  However, it is my hope that people will be able to learn from my experiences and enjoy this hobby to the fullest.

Two needle carb engine tuning procedure   My tuning method, summarized by one of my students.
Pitch and throttle curves    Are you an expert at setting up your curves?  Maybe you know more than me, but on the other hand you might learn a thing or two.
Cyclic to throttle mixing- the dillemma   ATV's still don't set the maximum allowable servo throw, what are YOU gonna do about it?
Gyro thoughts    Do you have the latest Futronics gyHH9253DS super deluxe gyro?  Do you need it?  What's the best bang for the buck and what should you stay away from?
Engines and exhausts   What's hot and what's not for your 30 and 60.
Rotor Blades   Wood, glass, carbon.. they all slice and dice but do you really need to spend $130 on your next set of blades?
Helicopter kit rants and raves   Things I've picked upafter a few years of intensive r/c addiction.
Selected Links to quality r/c sites    I don't spend too much time posting links, but here are a few.  Please don't pester me asking to get your link added.

Random Pictures

MPEG Movies

Recent Comments + News
    After putting it off for far too long, my XCell SE has a brand new paint job.  Pictures will be up soon.  Thanks to Jeremy and Jim for helping me with this, it wouldn't have happened without them.  Painting turns out to be pretty easy, however the investment in a spray booth, masks, guns, compressors, paint, etc is the difficult part.  Hopefully the new one will stay away from terra firma as well as the old ugly one did!  Check out the pic at the top, it's bright, you won't miss it.

Misc. Pics
Click here for a great sunset wallpaper pic.   (Taken by Patrick)

Yep- I founded the Massheli email group!
If you live in the Massachusetts area, the local pilots use this list to discuss field conditions, etc.  Please be from MA and have your profile info filled out. 
I have been using this fuel for 5 years and have been quite satisfied with the quality as well as the price.  Check it out, and no I am not sponsored by them.
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