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Xcell 60 Graphite Specifications
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Pilot Jason Fine
Age  19
Location Lancaster, Massachusetts
Current Status of Helicopter Sold
Date Purchased November 1, 2000
# of crashes 1 minor:  engine quit on auto over water trap!  broke blade and boom using rotor speed trying to avoid it. 
Approximate number of gallons burned to date 10
Engine O.S. 61 SX-WC
Glow Plug Enya #3
Muffler Hatori 2-piece muffler
Kit X-cell 1004 graphite '98
Canopy 99SE style fiberglass
Fuel Red Max 20% nitro 19% synthetic
Main Blades SAB 680 3D @ 170grams
Paddles White Lightning 3D paddles
Head Mixing  1:1.3 
Tail Blades MAH 105mm
Boom  31.5" carbon 
Tail Drive Graphite torque tube
Pitch Curves -10, -5, 0, 5, 10 in idle up 1+2
Transmitter Futaba 9CAP (throttle action smooothed out)
Receiver Futaba R148DP PCM
Antenna Stock wire
Battery Sanyo 1700mah A cells 4.8v
Battery Monitor GEM 2000 remote green
Governor Futaba GV-1 @ 1700 and 1800 rpm
Collective Servo JR 4721   (120 oz-in/ .22sec)
Cyclic servos Futaba 9204  (130 oz-in/ .19sec)
Throttle servo Futaba 9202  (69 oz-in/ .22sec)
Gyro Futaba GY-501 
Tail Servo Futaba 9253 (28 oz-in/ .08sec)
Header tank none
Upgrades: All gold CNC aluminum: Bell/hiller mixers, elevator swingarm, elevator push-pull, aileron servo arm, aileron rocker tray, push-pull collective, slipper clutch, tail servo mount and pushrod, and triple bearing clutch.
Wish List Split gear and pro tail.